About Bryce M. Towsley and the Outside Connection Inc.

Bryce Towsley hard at workBryce M. Towsley is an award-winning writer and photographer whose work covers a wide diversity of subjects, but none more than the field of hunting and the firearms used for that sport.

Towsley published his first article in 1980 and in the past two and a half decades he published thousands of articles and photos in most of the major outdoor and gun magazines. He has also published five books on guns, gunsmithing and hunting and contributed to several other books, including several on handloading.

Towsley is a field editor for NRA’s American Rifleman and American Hunter and Shooting Illustrated magazines as well as a columnist for Gun Digest Magazine. He appears regularly on The American Rifleman Television show.

He has been published in most of the major hunting or firearms magazines and has written more than 2,700 articles and columns.

He has worked as a consultant for firearms companies. He has also done photography work for various companies, as well as helping to write technical instruction manuals for some firearms related companies.

Bryce Towsley is an unrepentant gun buff and handloader. He has built his own rifles and has created several wildcat cartridges.

He is an avid hunter with more than 40 years of experience with all types of hunting firearms as well as archery. Towsley has hunted extensively throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in South America, Mexico, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Russia and several European countries for a wide variety of game.

Bryce Towsley started and ran The Outside Connection, Inc. booking agency for hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation and operated it for more than 15 years. They were the whitetail deer hunting specialists and several past customers have deer listed in the Boone & Crocket record book.

Towsley is a hard core shooter and has competed in several shooting disciplines and currently is active in Cowboy Action Shooting, USPSA Shooting and 3-gun competition.

Towsley lives in Vermont with his wife Robin and children Erin and Nathan.

The Outside Connection, Inc. started in 1985 as a booking agency. It has now expanded to include several of Bryce Towsley’s various enterprises, including writing and photography..