President Obama has proven once again that he has no boundaries by politicizing the murders in Charleston and dancing in the still warm blood of the victims. It was as shameful a display as ever exhibited by any holder of that office.

Rather than call for healing and prayer and waiting for all the facts about the shooting to become available as a true leader would have done, he attacked gun owners and the 2nd Amendment in a speech just hours after Dylann Roof killed nine people. That the mainstream media jumped on the anti-gun bandwagon with him and didn’t criticize his behavior speaks volumes as to their agenda.

It is, on so many levels, a shameful time to be an American.

We have become a nation of sheep and that’s one reason so many people die in these attacks. It’s reported that Roof reloaded his pistol five times. I doubt he was a highly trained tactical shooter, so it probably took him five to ten seconds each time he did that. I can only assume that as an untrained shooter in a highly charged emotional and adrenalin filled event he was shooting the gun to slide lock each time, so it was empty. That means that at least five times this 120 pound, drug addled kid stood there with an empty gun for several seconds. But nobody stopped him?

Why does this keep happening? Because as a society we are trained from birth to be a victim. Kids get into trouble if they fight back against a schoolyard bully. There is a “zero tolerance” policy against any kind of aggression in school, so even if you are in the right and defending yourself you will be punished. Just think about the message that sends. The kids are also indoctrinated early that guns or knives are evil and not tolerated so they think that being unarmed is the moral high ground.

We are a nation of victims and it’s because of our culture. We scare the hell out of our children with “active shooter” drills at school. But what do we teach them? To run away? Fight back? No, we teach them to huddle in the dark and passively wait to be killed.

I remember my son’s high school had a bomb scare some years back. The logical thing in that circumstance is to get the kids out of the building and away from any vehicles. Evacuate and put them in the middle of the empty athletic field. Makes sense, right? Instead the morons I was forced by law to turn my kids over to each day sent the entire student population into the auditorium. Luckily there was no bomb. But a bomber who knew their reaction would have had the perfect killing field. The entire population of the school all gathered together inside the building waiting to be murdered. The reason they gave was they “had to control the kids.”

I knew from past experience trying to deal with the teachers or administration would be a waste of time. They all had the attitude that they were smarter than anybody else and that they were in charge, not the parents. So I told my son that next time he should exit the building, get in his truck and come home. If he can’t get to the truck, head for the woods behind the school and walk home (about three miles) or call me on his cell. Don’t ask permission and don’t be bullied into staying, just leave. I would deal with the aftermath.

In the event of an active shooter, I also told him not to cower under a desk and wait to be shot. It’s his responsibility to find a way out of the problem. Don’t expect a teacher, cop or anybody else to solve the problem; he needed to take action himself. Leave, by any means possible. If that means tossing a desk through a window and getting out that way, do it. If the guy shows up, be smarter than him and attack if possible. Don’t be passive and don’t play fair. There was a lot more of course, but the point was not to passively wait for some piece of shit to decide his fate. Take aggressive action. Run if possible; fight if there is no other option, but don’t just passively wait to be killed.

But that’s the attitude today. We don’t fight back. The church was a “gun free zone” as has been the case in just about every mass shooting location in recent history. The trouble is, we law abiding people follow the law. Even when the law is an ass. Just yesterday, I was in a “gun free zone” where I had no choice but to go there for the services I needed. In this case there is no legal standing, only a business that thinks they have a higher moral standing if they disarm their customers. I carried my gun, kept it hidden and nobody knew except me. Maybe if one “rebel” had carried in church there would be more people alive today. Except, from what I can gather it was not the kind of church that a person with that mindset would attend. Which is one reason, no doubt, why that little POS drove two hours, past a lot of other churches, to attack this one.

If one person had fought back in that Charleston church during the reported five opportunities that we know about, the death toll might have been different. There is no profit in waiting passively for your turn to die, or in trying to “reason” with a mad man who is killing people. Your only chance is to fight back.

“But, what chance do you have?” The lefty sheep will argue.

I don’t know, maybe just a slim chance, but it’s better than no chance at all.