1Obama explaining the size of his “Sequestration”

I just received word that Obama has ordered furloughs for Border Patrol Agents. This was from an agent who received his, so it’s no longer conjecture at this point.

This is following his other “cuts” due to sequestration; a policy he created and forced into play. He also threatened to cut police and fire departments, not understanding that they are state and local, not federal. Somebody must have explained the difference, so now he will cut federal law enforcement, education money, military money and any other budgets that will lead to public outcry.

Politico reports that Arlington National Cemetery will have to cut 160 military funerals monthly because of trimmed funds due to the sequester.

 2Politico reports that Arlington National Cemetery will have to cut 160 military funerals monthly because of trimmed funds due to the sequester.


Yet, he has plenty of money to give to the Muslim Brotherhood, invite famous singers to perform for his wife’s birthday party and to take expensive vacations with his “man-friends.”

Clearly the cuts are designed to get a certain result. But, with the President’s total refusal to work with Congress to accomplish anything that would help our economy, the question is what result? Part of the goal is to create problems he can blame on the Republicans and the spineless Republicans will, of course, let him do that. But is this something bigger than just political games?

There is a quote going around that is attributed to Vladimir Putin. (Who you might recognize in the book, by another name.) I can’t say if it’s true or not, but it ought to be.

“President Obama and his fellow Democrats are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy their own economy.”

I think it’s both. So is this where the country is headed? No money for essential government services, but plenty of money for the elite to do what they want? Plenty of money to oppress the citizens? Are they pushing for a collapse? What will that lead to? Martial law? Worse?

3This is from the book, The14th Reinstated:

The world was on the verge of a global war, the United States was going bankrupt, there were no police and crime was out of control. Murder rates were setting records month after month, citizens were not safe on the streets or in their own homes, and the government kept saying that they simply didn’t have the resources to police the streets or lock up the bad guys. But, oddly enough, they had enough manpower to keep a four-man crew watching me 24/7. With the Federal Union-mandated labor laws ensuring a six-hour work day and three-day work week, it amounted to a lot of agents employed to watch over one citizen. As far as they knew, I had never committed a crime in my life worse than speeding. Technically, I had complied with the “Federal Small Arms Proliferation Act” in turning over the guns on my property. Yet, I was getting more attention than the little nut-job running China and threatening daily to drop a nuclear bomb on Washington.

When I wrote the book I thought it was fiction. Now I am not so sure. A lot of things that I wrote about are starting to happen. Again from the book:

There was no state or local police left to investigate, only the Feds. When the towns and states started to go bankrupt, all the police departments in the United States were merged into one big federal agency. The official title was the “United States Federal Police Agency” but everybody just called them the “Feds.”

For a while they concentrated on revenue-enhancing crime, like handing out speeding tickets. But once the economy started downhill, most people were no longer driving much. Those who did get tickets usually didn’t have any money to pay them. They arrested them at first, but the jails were full with all the workers who had been arrested for illegal job abandonment and there was no room or money for more prisoners. So, the government declared that the “highway safety” program was a complete success, had achieved all its goals and they shut it down.

Are we all that far away from this happening? California is broke and has sucked about all it can from its few working citizens. How long before they have to make cut backs? Do you think they will cut welfare and social handouts or police protection? How many other states are close behind?

Once more from the book about my own, very liberal state:

Vermont had created so many entitlement programs that needed to be funded that by the time Washington’s policies had trashed the economy, the state had started to feed on itself like a starving man cutting off and cooking his own leg so he could have some protein.


 Vermont was one of the very first states to declare bankruptcy. We struggled along on federal money for a while, but that dried up too. Vermonters, like the citizens of most of the “blue” states, have been on our own since well before the collapse.

 If you read the book, you know these things we are seeing now are signs of bigger things to come. Worse things, evil things.

Can’t happen here? My litmus test is simple. If I ran these theories about where we are headed by you and told you they were actual stories from Hitler, Castro, Stalin or Pol Pot, would you believe them? Most people say they would. Then why are they always so sure it can’t happen in America? We are not the chosen people, we are not protected from evil. We are as susceptible as any society in history. Why do we keep denying it can happen here?

It doesn’t happen in one big jump, but in little, tiny steps. If you look at what’s happened in the last five years in total it’s scary.

The book is fiction, meant to tell a story and entertain. But it’s also a cautionary tale of what can happen.

One other thing this book does, it helps prepare you to stay alive when it all goes bad. Read it for the story, but use it as a text book on how to survive..