1Here is another excerpt from The 14th Reinstated.  It’s looking more and more like the book is a window to the future and America’s downfall. At the rate our debt is piling up, all this could happen in only a few years.

After Congress passed the “America First” trade bill, foreign trade ground to a halt. In fact, that one act alone had a lot to do with what China did to our country. We owed them trillions of dollars and the congressional bill was a slimy attempt to default on our debt. There was no way we could have paid everything we owed, the debt was simply too high. We knew it and China knew it. Congress thought they could bully them, but they were wrong. China was not awed by the U.S. or the big stick we thought we carried. They knew that stick might have been powerful once upon a time, but by then it was cracked and splintered. China shut off all trade with the U.S. in retaliation. After a hasty vote to repeal the act failed, China nationalized all the U.S. owned factories in their country and forced the other Pacific-rim countries to do the same. Then they shut off all shipments to America.

Because most of our products were being made overseas by then, store shelves were soon empty. The U.S. companies that were nationalized sued Congress and Congress started impeachment proceedings against the president. While that was being battled out in the courts and on television every night, China called their loans due.

The U.S. government didn’t have any money to pay them. They tried to print more dollars, but China refused to accept them. The global currency standard had switched from the United States Dollar to the new world currency called “One Earth” a year earlier. But the U. S. was holding out from joining, insisting that we wanted to phase it in for a “seamless” transition.

The truth was our dollar had become so weak and the exchange rate so low that switching to the new world currency would have wiped out ninety percent of the remaining wealth in America. So Congress claimed it was working out the details for the transition while actually doing nothing. The stalling tactic, along with the continued printing of more and more money by the Fed, had driven the U.S. dollar to a record low. Mexico was another hold-out. Their peso was one thousand to one value against the One Earth currency and it was said that a peso was worth three U. S. dollars.

China wanted payment in One Earth currency and the United States simply didn’t have the funds. So China demanded that we turn over the Western public lands and mineral rights that had been put up as collateral for the loans. That deal had been made in secret by the U. S. government and the first time the people heard about it was when the ranchers were kicked off their leased BLM land in Wyoming
and Montana by armed Chinese troops.

The Chinese army came in and took over all the mining and oil production in the West as well as the cattle lands. They took all the BLM land as well as the national forests and park lands.

The people revolted and started shooting up the buildings and vehicles as well as sabotaging the oil rigs and mining equipment. A bunch of the more level headed formed up the poorly named “Citizen’s Militia” to begin a legal fight against Chinese intrusion. Despite its name, it was more of a lobbying and lawyers’ group and had nothing to do with the violence and attacks. Still, they were the only visible target.

China demanded the United States stop the revolt, so the president ordered the Army to attack the Citizen’s Militia. Ignoring the Posse Comitatus Act, he ordered soldiers to fire on their own people. Many in the military had friends and family in the Citizen’s Militia, and, as the armed forces hadn’t been paid in months, figured they no longer owed the military a damn thing. Thousands decided to ignore the orders and deserted to join the militia. The Army was already depleted due to budget cuts and soon it was decimated to the point where those remaining soldiers surrendered to China. The Navy and Air Force simply quit after that. I guess they just didn’t want to serve the corruption that had invaded our government. The Marines held on a little longer, saying it was a matter of honor, until the president, fearing China, issued an executive order to disband them.

A lot of airplanes, trucks and tanks disappeared during that time. Thousands of guns and a lot of ammo also went missing. Most just figured that the soldiers who were left high and dry wanted a ride home and a way to protect that home when they got there. With nobody left around to say no, they simply “borrowed” some equipment from Uncle Sam. I suppose most of them were owed back wages anyway, although it would have taken a lot of missed paychecks to pay for a tank.