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With 9/11 so close behind us, the Benghazi hearings starting today and our president becoming more and more sympathetic to the enemy I thought this excerpt from The 14th Reinstated was timely. images2

“I thought all our enemies were gone. The only ones who attacked without reason and for anything other than money or perhaps power, were the nutjob Islamic terrorists. But it can’t be terrorists, that problem was resolved a long time ago.”

“I remember,” Davy said with a husky voice. “I told you I don’t have any family left, right? Well, I lost most of them that day.”

That “day” was the anniversary of 9/11. The terrorists wanted to bring America to its knees once and for all. They felt that in the aftermath of the original attacks America had become soft, divided and so afraid of offending the Muslim culture that we would simply take any blow they threw and turn the other cheek.


They thought the seeds they planted on September 11, 2001 had grown enough to be harvested, so they hit fifty major cities simultaneously. Most cities were hit in multiple locations, more than three hundred places in all. They hit transportation hubs, subways, shopping malls, airports, office buildings, concert halls, stadiums; anyplace with a lot of people. They set off multiple bombs in every location, and then machine-gunned any survivors as they ran for the exits. Almost a million people died. It was a rare American who didn’t lose somebody in their family.

Our spineless president went on television that night to read a speech off his teleprompter calling for tolerance and calm. He said we needed to understand their culture and why they were so angry at America. He said that perhaps it was time to sit down and talk with the terrorists and to try to give them what they wanted so they would stop this continued cry for help.

The Mullahs and other Islamic leaders all expressed shock and sympathy when the television cameras were rolling and it looked like perhaps things were going to calm down. Then a series of undercover videos surfaced on the internet showing mosque after mosque across the country celebrating the attacks behind closed doors while they mocked the weak Americans. The American people erupted. Enough was enough; it was clear the government wasn’t going to help so the people took over and solved the problem. They burned the mosques and shot anybody who complained. I have no doubt that some of those were good people, but this was survival and sometimes collateral damage occurs. Killing them was rationalized, not unfairly I thought, by the fact that not one of them, from the leaders on down, had stood up to condemn the attacks. Americans had been pushed as far as they were going to go and when they decided to fight back, it was over in days. The “official” Muslim population of the United States, according to our census bureau, soon stood at zero.

Once international travel went away, the terrorists had no way to replenish their ranks and the Islamic threat ended. Obviously, not every Muslim was gone, but those left behind either mingled into our society or were killed. There were a few “retaliation” attacks, mostly suicide bombers; but they soon ran out of dumbasses, which meant no more volunteers. The few underground Muslims left saw the light, considering that anybody connected to a terrorist bombing, not just the bomber, was killed. They were hunted down by the newly enlightened government using the resources available to find the “masterminds,” then the government released their names and looked away. They were killed and in a few cases their heads stuck on pikes as a reminder. It was medieval, but it solved the problem.

“The only good that came out of that day was that America finally woke up and put that political correctness crap behind us for good,” Davy said. “If the other Muslims had just worked with us and condemned what was going on it might have been different, but they didn’t realize things had changed; they thought they could keep playing both ends against the middle and that America would continue to take the abuse. I guess they found out Americans can only be pushed so far before they push back. We are a pretty tolerant people, but there is a limit and they found it.”