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Signed by Larry Benoit

Original First Edition, New in the box with signatures by:

Larry Benoit * Lanny Benoit * Lane Benoit * Shane Benoit

 Also signed by the Author, Bryce M. Towsley


Larry Benoit has been called the greatest deer hunter of all time and Big Bucks the Benoit Way was the best-selling whitetail hunting book ever printed.

This is your only chance ever to get a new copy of that out-of-print book with Larry Benoit’s signature.

These are brand new books and they are signed by all four Benoit hunters including Larry Benoit!

Larry Benoit

We have a very limited number of first edition copies of Big Bucks the Benoit Way that are signed by Larry, Lanny, Lane and Shane Benoit, as well as myself as the author. These are brand new, hard cover books that have been in a box in storage since the book came out in 1998.

These are the only new books in the world with all five signatures.

Larry Benoit was the world’s first whitetail deer hunting superstar. He helped launch the whitetail hunting boom and he paved the way for all the hunting celebrities who enjoy working in the industry today. He was a true deer hunting icon. Sadly, Larry passed away in October of 2013 and this is the last chance to own a book with his signature.


Supplies are extremely limited and when they are gone there will never be any more.

Signed by:

  • Bryce M. Towsley
  • Larry Benoit
  • Lanny Benoit
  • Lane Benoit
  • Shane Benoit

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We have a few books signed by all five, which have very slight damage. We also have two books that were inserted into their dust jackets upside down, so they are mistakenly signed upside down, on the back page. Order Your Copy Now!