D5354My friend and fellow gun writer Joseph von Benedikt posted this recently on Facebook.

“Two days ago, a pit bull leaped into my niece-in-law’s van and attacked her. Thankfully she had her Ruger LCR handy. It bit down on the gun and a portion of her hand–they were literally in its mouth–when she shot it. Knocked it back, then it went to chewing on her leg while she emptied the .38 into it. Died against the gas pedal. Kudos to a courageous, prepared Mama–her four little children were in the van with her.

Not all potentially deadly self-defense encounters involve humans.”

Joseph makes a very valid point that danger comes from more just than two-legged predators.

I live in Vermont, which was once the safest state in the nation. While that’s changed, due mostly to importing a lot of liberal social causes; it’s still in the top five pretty consistently. But, a few years ago a pit bull belonging to a homeless guy attacked a 64 year old man in the parking lot of the store where my wife shops for food. As I recall, the man lost his arm as a result. This happened in a “safe” place in a “safe” state; in good light in the parking lot of a shopping plaza in a good neighborhood.

The point is, it can happen anywhere.


Back when Vermont was still at the top of the list for the safest places to live, a lady who used to be our neighbor was abducted and murdered. A scumbag named Donald Fell was enjoying some quality family time, drinking and smoking crack with his mother. She headed for bed and asked him to turn down the music. So of course, Fell and his buddy, another low quality POS named Robert Lee killed her and her boyfriend. Then they carjacked our old neighbor, a sweet grandmother named Terri King, as she showed up early for work at another food market. Her job was to arrive early and get everything ready in the bakery so that there were fresh bread and rolls when the store opened; so nobody was around.

They drove to NY and kicked her out in the snow. When she started praying out loud they beat her to death, including smashing her head with a boulder. The dumbasses were still driving her car when they were arrested in Arkansas. Lee did the tax payers a favor and hanged himself in jail, while Fell admitted his guilt and was convicted under federal law and given the death penalty. Surprisingly, or not, the “do-gooders” in Vermont were more appalled that he received a federal death penalty than they were about his crimes.

Fourteen years later he is still wasting oxygen and, in fact, a liberal anti-death penalty activist’s judge just gave him a new trial due to a technicality with a juror. I would not be surprised if they released him back into our community.


The country is deteriorating fast and the threat level from predators of all kinds is rapidly escalating, no matter where you live. The lady with the pit-bull hitchhiker lives in Utah, another “safe” place. Of course, if you happen to live in Ferguson, MO, then you have no doubt that things are out of control.

The government is putting you in danger, not protecting you. If you think you are safe, or that you can call a cop when a problem shows up and he will save you, then you probably believe in unicorns and global warming. There is only one person who can protect you and that is you. You can play the odds and hope nothing will happen and perhaps you will be fine, perhaps not. Or you can decide not to be a victim and take steps to protect yourself and your family. Thank God the lady in Utah chose personal responsibility. Can you imagine the carnage a savage pit-bull could do inside a mini-van full of kids?


If you decide to carry, remember this simple acronym, ABC. Always Be Carrying. You can’t decide when and where a problem will happen. You can’t schedule an attack and you can’t depend on it occurring when it’s convenient to carry a gun. It can happen in a cold deserted parking lot late at night, or in a crowded, well lighted residential area or on a remote country road. No place is exempt. Particularly when you consider that there are a lot of threats out there, both two legged and four legged and that their numbers are growing every day.

I am sure this nice lady in Utah didn’t decide that was the day a pit-bull would attack her and I know Terri King had no idea that she would be doing anything other than baking bread on that cold Vermont day. But, the outcome for these ladies was much different. Why? Because one of them decided to take charge of her personal safety.

Don’t let some piece of shit excuse for a human decide your fate. Make a decision to protect yourself, learn the proper way to do that and ABC.

Joseph von Benedikt just published a book on self-defense called “Firearms For Personal Protection For The New Gun Owner.”  You can find it on Amazon.com. I am waiting for my copy and have not yet read it, but anything he does is well written and deeply researched.