My paternal grandmother was an amazing woman. She was of French Canadian descent and most likely, judging by her looks, a good deal Algonquin Indian; although her generation kept those things secret. She was a tiny, five foot ball of energy and could out work anybody well into her eighties. She had little formal education, but ran several successful businesses and raised five children spread out over more than two decades in age. She developed her own system of math that nobody else could understand, but it worked. She talked fast and with an accent and language that was half French Canadian, half Vermont woodchuck and partly just grandma. She was a woman of many talents and one was reading the cards to tell the future.

Many may scoff, but she was right too many times for me to reject it. She predicted my mother’s death and tried to warn her. She knew my first baby’s sex. She warned me to stay home the night a friend was killed. It’s a very long list.

I believe that I inherited a bit of that from her. My “little voice” has given me advice for most of my life. I can’t control or predict it and I don’t always listen, but when I do, it’s never wrong.

The strongest my little voice ever spoke to me was during Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. I had never heard of him prior to the announcement that he would give the keynote speech, but this unknown upstart was clearly being groomed for something. As the eighteen minute, forty-seven second speech unfolded my little voice was screaming in my head. It was telling me that this guy represented a huge danger to America and to our way of life.

To be honest, I dismissed it. There was nothing I could do anyway; but he was new, unknown, unproven and black. Those were disadvantages in traditional American presidential politics, so I was sure it would be many years before we would have to deal with him.

Then, just four short years later, he was President. How did that happen? He was a nobody with no record, stepping out of nowhere. He gave one good speech and then we made him President? You don’t need a little voice to understand that something is going on here. He didn’t do that alone.

I was even more shocked when he won reelection. No president has ever defended such a failed administration and won reelection. Nothing in our history suggested he could win. Not only that, but I believe his opponent, while not my first choice, would have been one of the better presidents in history. Yet through sleight of hand, or the ignorance and greed of our citizens, or the combination of the two, BO got another term.

I was in a hunting camp in Texas that night and I was physically sick with the realization of what this meant for America. I couldn’t sleep and finally just showered and left early for the three hour drive to the airport. I noted the subdued mood of everybody I met on my journey home. Everybody, even the African Americans who were celebrating four years earlier, were quiet and moody, as if the country understood it had made a huge and irreversible mistake.

I lived through the Jimmy Carter years, but this is different. He was a buffoon; this time I feel the evil.

I have watched in horror as Obama has attacked America with the brilliance that has allowed him to succeed now for almost seven years. Race relations are as bad as they have ever been and it is a powder keg just waiting to explode. We can’t talk about it, so it will happen. Freedom of speech is a thing of the past.

Our economy is a house of cards waiting for a hurricane. The national debt is $18.3 trillion dollars and is growing at an unbelievable rate. That is almost 103% of our gross domestic product and $57,000.00 of debt per citizen. Or if you want to consider who is paying the bills, it is $154,394.00 of debt per U.S. taxpayer. That is not sustainable.

The Fed is printing money as fast as it can and never in history has that ever ended well. Just ask Zimbabwe. True unemployment is at a modern day record high, with 93,700,000 United States citizens no longer in the work force. Think about that, almost a third of our population has checked out. Only about a third of our population is actually working full time. The number of people sucking a free government tit is the highest it’s ever been; half of all American households are getting government assistance. Those of us working are paying record taxes and have not seen a raise in our paychecks for as long as he has been in office. Obamacare is a huge disaster that is destined to get much worse. For example, the death panels are back, as predicted. We are ignoring the threats from China, Russia and North Korea. We owe China more money than we can ever repay. Europe is melting down and he is ignoring it with impunity.

Americans are pitted against Americans as he has divided us on a course for civil war. Police are now the enemy and in many places can’t or won’t continue to do their jobs. The military has been decimated and he has fired most of the top military leadership. The Supreme Court has been bought and paid for and many of their recent rulings are bizarre, to say the least. They no longer follow the Constitution and each time they do not, the document becomes less relevant. The Republicans in Washington are corrupt and weak, or are secretly on his side. It’s difficult to tell which and it probably doesn’t matter.

Obama is letting illegal immigrants flood the country and that threatens to destroy the economy. He is letting violent criminals out of jail by the thousands while trying to remove our right to protect ourselves.

America has become a joke throughout the world. Our relationships with our traditional allies are in the toilet. Our friends don’t trust us and our enemies don’t fear us. He is ignoring Isis as they run rampant over the middle-east, growing stronger by the day.

Obama is on a path that ignores or hurts the citizens of this country. Nothing he is doing will advance or improve our lives or the future of America. It’s all intended to destroy and tear down our country, but it’s carefully crafted under the guise of “fairness.” The useful idiots who can’t see far enough into the future to recognize the outcome believe he is doing good work and enable him to continue.

The law abiding tax payer is being punished while the lawless and the non-citizens are rewarded. Yet we do nothing. Our ancestors went to war over much less, but we just continue to keep our faces in our phones and ignore the world around us. Well, to be fair, we did elect some Republicans and send them to Washington to fix the problem, but then we ignored them as they abandoned America.

Today Obama has an agreement with Iran, perhaps the most dangerous nation state in the world. The agreement is that we will give our enemy billions of taxpayer dollars to use for terrorism as we let them continue to build nuclear bombs unfettered. That’s what they get. America gets nothing. One hell of a deal, right?

Congress can stop this deal, but they won’t.

The agreement dooms Israel and insures we will go to war. It’s bizarre and defies logic. This isn’t about legacy, it’s about taking sides. The only conclusion is that Obama is on the side of the Muslims and is willing to help them in their fight to take over the world.

With seventeen months to go in his presidency, things are escalating at an alarming rate. While we are distracted by flags, donut licking little girls, Hillary and all those Republicans, the world is being positioned for bad things. By the time we elect a new president it will be too late to reverse what is happening.

I remember my neighbor telling me with typical liberal condescension, “I am voting for Obama because he is black. It’s their turn and I want to be part of history.”

I fear she is going to get her wish on that last part.