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Big Bucks the Benoit Way

Now in paperback.

All the information, all the bucks, all the Benoits and all the color photos; at a bargain price.

See what it takes to track huge whitetail bucks like the legends.

Big Bucks the Benoit Way

Secrets from America’s First Family of Whitetail Hunting


By Bryce M. Towsley

If there is such a thing as hunting royalty, it would be the Benoit family. They have been bringing home trophy-sized whitetail bucks since Larry Benoit first started to develop his tracking methods before World War II. As the family grew, so did the Benoit’s pool of knowledge of how to find and shoot big whitetail bucks. Their combined experience adds up to hundreds of year’s worth of whitetail hunting skills.

Author Bryce M. Towsley had a unique opportunity to hunt whitetails with the Benoits in the deep woods of Maine. He spent a lot of time as part of their hunting camp and inner circle; observing and learning their hunting tactics, techniques and long-protected secrets.

The result is Big Bucks the Benoit Way, the first book in a two-book series on the Benoit style of hunting whitetails. Big Bucks the Benoit Way was first published in 1998 and it created a revolution in whitetail deer hunting. It went on to become the best-selling whitetail hunting book in history.

Now Big Bucks the Benoit Way is back in a brand new paperback edition from Skyhorse Publishing with a new introduction from Towsley.

This 8 X 10.5 inch, high quality book has 239 pages and includes hundreds of color photos.

This is the only book ever written on the Benoits and their style of hunting that includes all of the Benoits. Larry Benoit and his sons, Lanny, Lane and Shane share their secrets for bringing home giant whitetail bucks.

Fully illustrated with Towsley’s beautiful full-color photography, written with his easy reading prose, Big Bucks the Benoit Way is more than an just an exploration of the fine art of tracking bucks; it’s a glimpse at the heart and beauty of American big-game hunting. Towsley’s narrative writing style and trademark humor make this an enjoyable book to read while at the same time exploring so many secrets for hunting big bucks that even the most jaded veteran hunter will benefit.

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