Another mass shooting in a gun free zone and this time the crime scene is not even secured yet and our pathetic president is splashing through the blood to attack gun ownership.

He promises to keep doing that every time there is a shooting; and he promises that there will be more shootings. At the rate he is escalating his response, I expect he will be standing outside of the next one with lights, podium and a teleprompter waiting to blame guns and the NRA.

It’s very clear he has an agenda. He didn’t bother to wait until any facts were known, he just blamed guns. His goal is to disarm America and he is running out of time, so he has to act fast.

It’s clear enough what’s going on here and it’s not boding well for American freedom. We can expect to see an escalation of this sort of thing in the next year and a corresponding escalation of Obama’s reaction.

But this discussion is more about the victims and how American culture has created an environment that insures there is an endless supply. Our government has abandoned us and the sooner you understand that and take charge of your own life, the better the outcome is going to be.

One news report I read quotes the father of a victim who said he “couldn’t understand how it was possible for the 26-year old to be able to so slowly and methodically murder so many people and refill his handgun without anyone coming to the rescue of the students.”

So you see, the problem is nobody came to rescue them. It’s the government’s fault for not getting police there in time to stop the shooter. After all, he stopped to “refill” his handgun, so clearly they had time to act.

Is it any wonder that he has trained his offspring to be a victim? He makes no mention of anybody trying to rescue themselves.

We have become a nation of victims and it’s encouraged in every aspect of modern life. Nobody is responsible for their own actions. America has created an atmosphere where the “authorities” must solve every problem. It’s all part of the pussyfication of America and it’s created a society of helpless creatures with low problem solving skills.

Who is to blame for this? Everybody and everything. From Oprah building an empire on making everyone a victim, to parents who never let their kids learn hard lessons or take personal responsibility. It’s the schools, the teachers, parents, television, movies, society. It’s so invasive in American culture now that we have become a nation of victims unwilling or unable to take responsibility for our own lives.

The rugged, self-reliant American that crossed the plains and built a nation has been replaced by a nation of helpless blamers. When you act like sheep, you should expect that a coyote is going to show up soon. That’s what happened here and just as they have been trained to do all their lives, the victims waited their turn to die.

I am sure that I will be soundly criticized for that statement and accused of blaming the victims and being insensitive. That’s the modern way to stifle any conversation.

I have nothing but sympathy and compassion for them and I don’t blame them at all for being what they were. But this “thing” is going to have a huge effect on the American way of life and we must be able to talk about it honestly. The fact that we can’t speak the truth without being attacked is a statement about some of the problems in America today.

As Flannery O’Connor once said: “The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.”

The truth is, we have come to expect compliance when somebody is trying to make us victims. We are not expected or encouraged to fight back. Speaking out against that is not tolerated.

For example, some students decided to be proactive and take charge of their own lives, but you are not hearing much about that are you?

Early reports were that some students defied the orders to hide under their desk, turn off the lights and wait their turn. They ran out of the building and presumably lived. I heard that first hand from early interviews with people on scene. Those reports were quickly quashed by the mainstream media. We can’t have people believing they have control of their own destinies.

The bottom line is very simple. We are living in dangerous times and if what I believe is correct it is going to get a lot worse. The Obama-led government has an agenda and these incidents are helping to advance that agenda. Remember Rahm’s rule: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

The left argues that anybody fighting back might be hurt, which is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. They say it might make the shooter mad, which is of course ignoring that he is already trying to kill everybody in the room. In spite of what they believe, hope is not a strategy. You can just wait your turn, or you can fight and at least have a chance.

The brave Americans on the train in Paris proved that, even unarmed, a person willing to fight can prevail in an attack. I listened to them during several interviews and one theme that kept repeating was, “If I was going to die, I was going to die fighting.” With that attitude they prevailed and saved a lot of lives. The left likes to point out that the guy doing most of the fighting was cut very badly. They ignore that he is alive.

If you don’t want to be a victim learn how to fight with a gun, knife, your hands, feet or whatever is available. Get some professional training from people who know what they are doing.

The most important part of winning a fight is a willingness to fight, but a good part of it too is knowing how to fight. You win with brains and skills. You lose by hiding under the desk and waiting your turn.

There are bad times coming to America. Hell, bad times are here. The “system” is not going to save you. You can wait to be a victim and your family can bitch about the government not saving you; or you can take charge of your own life.

At the moment, there are no other choices.